Your Introduction Matters

Your Introduction Matters Writing a good introduction is not as easy as it seems, in fact, it is the most difficult part to write. However, this should not worry you, as you only need to understand its purpose and structure. The introduction marks the beginning of your essay and sets the tone for the rest […]

Social Life

Go Out There Meet New People and Have Fun! We all know the value of college degree in enabling us to attain our personal goals in life. However, students make a mistake by spending most of their time in college reading books and neglecting their social lives. At times, it may appear as if we […]

Book Review of Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

Born A Crime: An Exhilarating Account Of Survival *Spoiler Alert* Rating: 5/5 In the book born a Crime, Trevor Noah describes how he grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, the hardships and trials he and his mother faced and how they overcame them with humor, love, and faith. The book Chronicles the author’s life from […]

Ways To Improve Memory

Ways To Improve Your Memory You know that forgetting your keys is normal. It is, however, a bit frustrating to seemingly succumb to memory loss during an important exam. Does your memory have to fade, though? In actuality, the brain operates as a sort of muscle. The more that you exercise its abilities to recall […]

Books to read While In College

10 Books That You Must Read Before Graduating College The holidays are here and you are definitely ready for a break. You’ve worked so hard this semester and deserve a treat. What better way to celebrate the upcoming semester’s end than with a reading list that makes you a more intellectual being? These are ten […]

Types of Essays

Throughout our school and professional careers, we will have to write different kinds of papers including essays. We may be given assignments that will require us to research and put together projects, but how do you know what type of essay will work for your project? Certain types of essays will work on different projects. […]

Understanding Biotechnology

Understanding Biotechnology Introduction Biotechnology is a unification of biology and technology. It may be defined as the regulated use of biology for the development of new products that are of great use to people. In simple words, it is the use of any biological process or organism to develop a new method or product. The […]