Will I be able to see a preview of my paper?

What’s Happening: You want to be able to see your paper before it is marked as completed.   Answer: As long as your order is paid in full, whenever it goes to editing status, you will be able to view it at that moment. please understand our rough draft may change as the editor scans […]

What browser works best with the website?

What’s Happening: You want to ensure you have a quality connection and can navigate on the website without any issues. Answer: Google Chrome responds the best for the website, in regards to speed. Safari can work well at times as well. This website is available on any browser, or device.

When does my order get Assigned?

What’s Happening: You want to know the time-frame from when you place your order, to when it will be assigned to a writer. Answer: The assignment process takes place immediately after you pay for your order. Once payment is made, the assignment to a writer can range from 30 minutes to 2 days depending on when […]

How do I know if my content is original?

What’s Happening: You would like to ensure that the assignment completed on your behalf isn’t plagiarized.   Answer: SYA provides safeguards to ensure all content is original. We also offer a copy of the plagiarism report to the client at no extra charge. Each assignment is scanned by a writer and an editor. Any writer […]

Approve or Revision

What is happening? You see two options listed on your order upon completion. Answer: You should hit “approve” if you approve the sample order or select “revision” and input revision instructions for the writer.