When do I need to pay for my order?

What’s Happening: You want to know if you pay before or after you place your order. Or you want to see if you pay after it is assigned and completed. Answer: We do not assign, nor work on any order until it is wholly or partially paid. Your rate is subject to change as the […]

What if you can’t locate a writer?

What’s happening: You might have an order due on short notice and want to be sure there will be someone available to help you.   Answer: We have both staff and urgency writers in multiple time-zones. Our writers work around the clock, and we generally will have a few on hand that is available to […]

Why are there four payment options in my order?

What’s Happening: You are trying to make a payment and are confused with the options presented to you. Answer: You might see four options to pay because we offer two ways to make a payment. Full Payment: You can make your full payment via stripe(accepts major debit or credit cards) or PayPal(accepts major debit cards, […]

Do writers bid on my order?

What’s Happening: You want to know the process that occurs once you submit your order on the website.   Answer: A lot of our competitors, outsource their employees and allow them to bid on your assignment, and contact you trying to have you assign them for that order. We submit your assignment to our pool of writers […]

What is my order number?

What’s Happening: You can’t locate your order number or want to know for reference purposes. Answer: Your order number will be confirmed in your email, whenever the order is posted. But you can also log in your account, navigate to “my orders” and view all of your orders and their progress. Your order number will […]

Will You be able to access my textbook?

What’s Happening: You have an assignment that needs to utilize a textbook or a reading. Answer: If you have a digital copy of your book, you can share your access. In other circumstances, we are able to rent the book via our e-book database for $20.00.

How will I receive my order?

What’s Happening? You want to know how the order will be delivered to you.   Answer: Your assignment will be visible to you within your dashboard. In the specific circumstance, you may even receive the order in your email. We do not upload assignments to your blackboard.

How much will my order cost?

What’s Happening: You want a quote on an assignment you have without placing the actual order.   Answer: The most efficient way is to use the calculator on the order page, it will give you the most accurate quote with the information you provide.   Pricing is based on grade level, # of pages or words, Spacing, […]