Online Essay Writing

online essay writing
online essay writing

If you are searching for online essay writing assistance, contact the professional team at Submit Your Assignments. Our writers and editors are here to help you complete and submit your paper, so you receive the best grade possible. Writing a paper doesn’t have to be stressful; just contact Submit Your Assignments!

Submit Your Assignments is an organization that helps college students with the research, writing, and editing process of completing a college-level paper. Not all students enjoy writing or completely understand the ins and outs of writing an essay. But that’s okay! Our company exists to help you through the entire process.

Even if you don’t like writing, you can receive a grade that beats your expectations. Once you understand the methods of college-level writing, and with the help of our team, we know you will receive a grade that you are proud to call yours. Give us a call and receive a quick quote for the cost of our services.

Writing your paper will take time and can be mentally draining. This is why it’s a great idea to get started sooner rather than later. Unsure where to start? Contact Submit Your Assignments, and we’ll be here to help!

The Writing Process, Step by Step


The first step to completing your paper is to conduct a thorough investigation through research. Consider the guidelines your professor has given you. Every professor is different when it comes to topic choice. Some supply the topic, others let you choose. Nearly all will require approval of the topic before you can begin the paper. Your grade will likely depend on how well you follow the instructions your professor gave you.

After you have selected your topic, you should begin to find and select sources that you will use to research your topic. Your university library is the best place to start. The library’s digital and physical collections will have numberless sources that will be relevant to your needs.

If you have never used a library database or card catalog, that’s okay! Just ask for help from one of your librarians. When you find the materials, you will use for your paper, scan through them and look for ways that they do or don’t relate to your topic. Is your paper persuasive, argumentative, or informative? Your sources will depend on the answer to that question.

Creating an outline is the best way to organize your research material. If you decide to work with a writer from Submit Your Assignments, they can help you create this document. The outline should be organized in a way that supports your argument or debate but also follows your professor’s guidelines.

The more detail you place in your outline, the better. If there are specific quotes you want to put in your paper, include them in your outline, along with information about the source from which you got them.


online essay writing
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After you finish your outline, a Submit Your Assignments writer can help you begin the writing process. Don’t forget, every essay has an introduction and conclusion. The body of the paper will be the place where you argue or debate your point to your reader. Additionally, this part will include any reasoning you want to use as well as opinions and research from other experts on the subject.

The composition of your paper will be based on your professor’s requirements. Text length, spacing, and word or page count must be followed in order to get the best grade possible. At times, meeting a page or word count can seem impossible. However, your Submit Your Assignments writer can help you divide your paper into segments that make your online essay writing more manageable.

For example, on a paper that has a 1k word count requirement, consider setting a word count for the introduction and conclusion; 150 words each, perhaps. The body of the essay will make up the rest and can be divided according to your topic.

It is crucial that your essay be 100% original and that you can fully claim it as your own. Plagiarism is illegal, and most universities will use it as grounds to expel students that use such tactics. If you are not sure how plagiarism is defined, your writing assistant can help you understand it. They will be able to help you with appropriate citation and quotation methods as well.

Editing and Citations

online essay writing
You can schedule a consultation with one of our professional writers or editors.

Citation styles matter. Editing and citing your material is an essential part of your essay that you cannot afford to overlook. Doing so could cost you a decent grade and even your college admission. It is always a great idea to ask family and friends to look over your paper before you submit it. They can make grammatical and stylistic corrections that you might otherwise overlook.

Similarly, if you work with a member of our Submit, Your Assignment team, you will receive additional editing assistance. We can help you make sure your paper is in the right condition for submission to your professor.

Editing your paper includes making any typo, spelling, and grammatical corrections as needed. Additionally, it is imperative to double-check your citations and other elements of the paper, like word choice. Focus on eliminating redundant or repetitive words.

There are three central citation styles: Chicago, MLA, and APA. Which one you use will depend on the subject or professor. For instance, most historians and history professors require the use of citation guidelines from the Chicago Manual of Style.

Online Essay Writing

The team at Submit Your Assignments will help you write an essay that will impress your college professor. Our writers and editors have years of experience in these roles, and their college experience gives them insight into how professors think. Contact Submit Your Assignments to learn more about our online essay writing services!

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