How to Write a Great Academic Writing Research Paper

academic writing research paper
Knowing how to write an academic writing research paper can be difficult. What can be done to make the process easier?

If you are struggling to complete your academic writing research paper, then you are not alone. Many students are never taught how to write an excellent paper. Their professors might give them a rubric and a general outline of what needs to be done, but oftentimes the students are given no guidance on how to put all the information together into a comprehensive report.

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1. Understand the Academic Writing Research Paper Assignment

You might be rolling your eyes at such an obvious step, but many students don’t understand what this means. You must fully understand what the assignment is asking you. Ask yourself:

  • What question is this assignment asking me to solve?
  • In what format is this assignment supposed to be in?
  • What kind of information do I need to complete this assignment?

If you cannot answer any of these questions or feel like you need clarification, be sure to talk to the professor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it doesn’t make you look stupid! However, if you complete the assignment in a completely incorrect way, then that would make you seem a little foolish.

Don’t waste hours researching and answering a completely different question than was assigned. The professor will be forced to give you a low grade if you do that. Make sure you understand the assignment before you start writing.

2. Outline Your Arguments

Now that you have a perfect understanding of what you are going to write, it is time to figure out what to write. To do this, you should make an outline of what you need to write.

academic writing research paper
Outlining topics you want to write about will help you construct better arguments later on.

You might think that an outline is unnecessary. Why not just jump right into the writing process?

However, an outline will help you remember what topics to write about. An outline helps you organize and detail your ideas before writing. If you have ever started writing without first drafting an outline, you might remember losing sight of what you were writing about. An essay about the environmentalism ideology might have accidentally drifted into talking about the history of carbon pollution for five paragraphs.

A good method for outlining an academic writing research paper is called the flat outline. This type of outline focuses on the topics you want to examine in your paper. Based on the sources and data you have so far, write down what topics you want to include in your paper. Start ordering these topics as you develop your argument.

Once you finish writing and ordering your thoughts, then you will have a topic skeleton. This provides a very rough idea of what topics your paper will discuss and in what order.

3. Prepare Your Research

Once you have a topic skeleton, you will want to flesh it out with “meat”. This is where you need to prepare your research. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through your paper before realizing you do not have enough research to back up your arguments. Or, worse: that the research directly contradicts your argument.

There are plenty of sources you can use for your research. Your textbook, JSTOR, your school’s library database, and Google Scholar are all great places to look for reliable research.

You can even look at Wikipedia – but not in the way you’re thinking. At the bottom of the most reliable Wikipedia pages is a “References” section. The websites, academic journals, and books listed here are typically reliable sources. At the very least, they are good hopping-off points to other research.

Use your topic skeleton to determine gaps in your research and find sources to fill them in. Make sure all the topics you want to discuss have adequate research. Then, once you have your research, start dumping your quotes into your research skeleton.

This means that you will return to your research skeleton word document and start typing/copy-pasting quotes from your sources under the relevant topics. Each quote should be labeled with the quote it came from. This dumping process will help you understand where to put each quote when you start expanding your outline into a full academic writing research paper.

This final version of the outline is called a topic-level outline. This document should be almost the length of your finished paper.

4. Write, Write, Write

Now that your outline is finished, it is time to add in your personal thoughts and analysis. Don’t start from a blank document; copy your topic-level outline. Start writing under your topic-level headlines and simply copy-paste in the quotes as you need them.

Keep writing. Don’t strive for perfection in the first draft. You can edit after you write down all your arguments. Or, if you can’t edit because you’re writing your academic writing research paper a day before the due date, then it is better to submit a completed first draft than a perfectly edited paper with only two sections completed.

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academic writing research paper
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