Everyone is looking for ways to save money for the essentials they need. 

We value our customers, and we also appreciate our writers. We implemented a way to ensure customer satisfaction by finding the right balance on what we charge, and what we need to pay our staff.

Check out the variety of discounts we offer.

New clients

New customers are entitled to a one-time discount of whatever the monthly promotion or offer is they may have seen advertised. This development is generated as a courtesy to promote our work in hopes to do more assignments for that client in the future.


You are automatically eligible for a 10% lifetime discount once you order five assignments and they are all completed and approved. This discount is automatic, and you will see it on your order form in your account when you are logged in. This discount may be combined with a promo code offer.


On occasion, you might be proactively offered a discount from a Chat representative or receive an email with a promotional code due to a seasonal period.