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When it comes to college essay writing services, few can best the services we, Submit Your Assignments, provide. We understand just how much of a different ballpark college writing can be. You may have done very well with your academic papers in high school before; college academic writing, however, is altogether quite different.

For one thing, college papers tend to be far longer than high school papers. Secondly, college papers do require more citations, both in-text and after your paper, which can be tricky to do correctly. There are different citation guidelines – MLA, APA, Chicago Style and the like – all of which require different ways to format your paper.

And of course, above all college subjects are much more advanced and broader in scope than in high school. English literature in particular can encompass older forms of writing, genre, and style; the physical and social sciences, too, have different terms and jargon to learn and write about. The nature of academic assignments may be completely different to what you have known in high school.

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About Our Process

Our process is fairly simple. Simply fill out a brief form of what you need, written or edited. Once your application is received, you can then deposit half or the full amount to us.

We will then find you a suitable writer for your paper within some short hours. You will then receive an email and/or SMS notification when your paper is ready.

Our rates tend to be higher than our competitors. That, of course, is because of the quality of our writers’ work and our writers’ expertise.

We begin at $19 per page for an undergraduate paper, with an increase in prices the shorter the due date. Other factors that can affect the pricing include the number of pages and academic level. Master’s and Doctoral papers, naturally, will demand a higher rate per page.

You can get a quick quote right here on our website. For more information about our writing services, or for help understanding them, feel free to call our team today.

best online paper writing service
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Learn About Our Privacy Policy

Submit Your Assignments understands the need for privacy and we take it very seriously. Our privacy policy is strict and will guarantee that your information is never available anywhere. We will never share anything regarding your use of our essay writing services nor will we make that information shareable with any third-party entity. We can safeguard the following information:

  • The Information collected while placing your order. This includes your name, phone number, billing information, address, etc.
  • The information you provide when filling out your application form. This includes the time of access, device, and location.

The only ways in which we use this collected information would be for internal record-keeping, accounting, and market research purposes. In addition, we use this information to respond to any queries, complaints, and requests for further information. Furthermore, we use your information to notify you of any significant changes to our service. Finally, we use this information to provide you with the services you wish to use.

Please note that Submit Your Assignment is not responsible for any information available directly to our freelance writers. You are responsible for making sure your password is confidential and well-protected.

best online paper writing service
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When you are facing a hard deadline and your brain is melting with everything you have to do, it’s time to call in the experts. Submit Your Assignments is the essay writer service you need. We can provide you with quality, plagiarism-free academic papers.

Our team can provide other services as well, such as editing, revision, peer review, and help locating sources. We not only write academic papers but also blogs, book reviews, capstones, term papers, and so much more.

We have plenty of genuine customer reviews and testimonials, all gushing about how our services have changed their lives. For a top essay writing service – if not the best online paper writing service – you won’t go wrong with choosing Submit Your Assignments as your trusted essay writing site.

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