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There are many essay writing companies and services out there; how can you know who or what is the best paper writing service? Well, as prevalent as these “write my essay” companies are, not all of them operate aboveboard in their policies. Many of them charge less than $10 per page rate, which is way below industry standard. As a result, you could be getting an academic paper riddled with plagiarism and low-quality writing.

Submit Your Assignments will never cut corners or rely on plagiarized papers easily discoverable by plagiarism software. Our essays are 100% original, written by our professional writing team. For good quality services you can rely on, you won’t do better than Submit Your Assignments.

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best paper writing service
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Why A Paper Writing Service?

Let’s face it: It’s never easy to admit you need help. Perhaps you were the type of student in high school who could breeze through assignments and academic essays without a problem – only to get to college and find yourself floundering faced with college essays. We get it: College is a whole different world altogether and even if you did excellently in high school, writing five-page papers for every class has got to take its toll.

Perhaps you’re in high school right now and desperately need help with paper organization, structure, and thesis statements. On top of school, many students both high school and college have extracurricular activities or even part time or even full jobs. All of this can mean you have extra responsibilities and no time.

Fortunately, Submit Your Assignments can help. Whether you are a struggling high school or college student or whether you have the biggest case of writer’s block in your life, Submit Your Assignments can help you out. Our team of professional writers can write up an outline or even full paragraphs about your topic or content area. Our experts have a wide range of knowledge in their area of expertise and therefore can help you out.

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Our mission is to drive the knowledge economy by building trust among our customers and helping writers monetize their writing skills. Our prices are slightly higher than industry average precisely because they are of better quality. Our papers are guaranteed to be free from errors and plagiarism, written by writers who are experts in their field.

We begin at $19 per page for an undergraduate essay of any type due in two months and work from there. Apart from standard academic essays, we also offer the following paper types:

  • Descriptive Essay
  • Capstone Project
  • Lab Report
  • Annotative Bibliography
  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Literature Review
  • And more.

We also write graduate essays and even doctoral essays as well, beginning at $20 and $21 per page.

While our prices may seem steep, they are still loads more affordable than most of our competition – and of course, of better quality than the cheapest out there. What’s more, we also offer neat discounts, so you can save even more. For more information about our writing services, contact our stellar team today!

best paper writing service
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Writing is never easy. Even having good language skills is not enough – you have to learn the style and conventions of writing, which is very different from speech and verbal communication. What’s more, different styles of writing require different conventions and modes of expression, even at the structural level. What is good practice for academic writing, for instance, is the kiss of death for fiction writing or even narrative nonfiction.

So if you’re a stressed student that desperately needs a break, Submit Your Assignment can help. We can help ensure your peace of mind in your writing, taking care of the grease work for you. Unlike other write-your-paper services, ours is 100% original, written by dedicated writers passionate about their craft. We also protect your privacy through our 100% secure transactions.

We provide error-free academic and research papers in MLA, APA, Chicago Style, and more. In addition, we locate scholarly sources in databases such as JSTOR. And if you send a rubric or guidelines for a paper, we can provide an example essay to guide you for your own written work.

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