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We are a national company based in Houston, TX, but we provide services anywhere in the United States. We assist a multitude of clients like businesswomen and men, college students, and high school students. Whether you need help with a blog post, research paper, locating sources, or peer-reviewed articles, we are here to help you.

We are a small business, which allows us to focus on our customer’s needs and wants directly without any corporate business interference. We believe in taking care of all of our customers to the best of our abilities. Our writers provide the foundation of your assignment, and you will go in and add the finishing touches to make it more personal.

Whatever the reason you need our services, we don’t discriminate, because we understand how busy life can get. We also understand that not everyone is an expert writer, nor do they even like to write. That’s where we come in. If you’re struggling to balance work, extracurriculars, school, and family, then it’s time you enlist our services.

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What type of essays do we write?

Here at Submit your Assignments, our writers are able to provide you with a range of styles and essays. If you are a high school student, we can write that admission essay you’ve been putting off since the summer. If you’re a college student and struggle in your science classes, let us write that intensive lab report for you within a few hours. We even write scholarship essays for any grade level as well as personal essays, which are used for a variety of reasons.

Even better, we don’t just tailor to undergraduate and high school students. If you are enrolled in graduate or doctoral school, we can write those lengthy, complicated papers for you too.

When you head over to our website, you are able to select the level of work we are completing the essay for (ex: high school, undergrad, master’s, doctorate). This helps us assign your work to the correct writer. Additionally, you will be able to select how many pages the work needs to be, formatting guidelines, and how fast you need it completed.

We can complete work as far out as 2 months ahead of the due date. So, don’t wait until the day before to enlist our services; we can write that end-of-term paper so you can relax when the time comes or make room for family time around the holidays.

How much will it cost to have my essay written?

Our prices vary on the level of work we are completing, the number of pages that need to be written, how fast the work needs to be completed, and the type of essay we are writing. Because all of these factors determine the difficulty of the work, this aids us to make sure that your work goes to someone who can write it well.

buy essay online
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We wouldn’t give a writer with no science experience an essay that is 10-15 pages for a doctoral student. The essay probably wouldn’t be too good. So we ask that you fill all of the information out properly so a writer with the abilities can write your paper.

You can get an estimated price for your buy essay online on our “pricing” tab. There you will find the price calculator. It asks you to plug in everything we mentioned before (the type of paper needed, number of pages, level of schooling: undergrad, master, doctoral, and the time you need it completed by).

The price will go up if you need the paper at a sooner time. The earliest time we can get your paper done is within a 12 hour time period, so we don’t recommend waiting until 2 hours before to enlist our help. We care about the grade you’ll receive on the assignment, so giving our writers adequate time to complete the essay is imperative.

Additionally, you can request the services of a specific writer if you are a frequent flyer. If they are available, they would be more than happy to write another essay for you and will appreciate you enlisting their help again.

Am I able to speak with my writer?

Yes, you will be able to speak with your writer at any time. Once they receive your assignment, you will create an account after you’ve paid. Within your account, you will have access to our chatbox, which will allow you to speak with the assigned writer. More often than not, the writer will need to speak with you as well.

They may ask you to provide additional information from your syllabus, or they may ask for clarification. Whatever the reason may be, you and your writer have full access to each other.

The writer will not have access to any of your personal information for safety reasons. They will only be able to view your user ID and the assignment they have been tasked to.

Once your writer has completed the assignment, they will let you know and email you a PDF version of the paper. From there, you will be able to download it for viewing. You are more than welcome and highly encouraged to go in and adjust anything as you see fit.

If you are ever unsatisfied with the writer’s work, you can speak with us over the phone or via our online chat room, similar to the chat room you use to speak with the writer.

buy essay online
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Buy Essay Online

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