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Submit Your Assignments is a nationwide company that allows you to buy essays online from our experienced writing team. We know that everyone is not an experienced writer and that a 10-page research paper can easily get in the way of family time or studying for another class.

We are a national custom writing service based in Houston, TX, that aids numerous clients around the globe in their written work troubles. We are a small business that is close-knit and truly wants to provide the best services possible for our clients.

At submit Your Assignments, we provide the base of the work for you and allow you to go in and add your own special and personalized touches. Life can be hard when you’re trying to juggle a bunch of different assignments, family time, a job, and extracurriculars.

All of our clients get original writing that is tailored to the specific needs of your or your professor’s rubric. We guarantee that our work is not plagiarized and that you’ll be happy with the results. We only hire the best quality writers and expect them to take their work seriously.

Additionally, we also provide editing services for any writing you have already completed yourself. We edit all formatting styles (MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago..etc.) so you can get the grade you want!

With us, the essay writing process is easy and won’t cause you any trouble. Our writers know only to use scholarly sources and give you the best work they know how to write.

How much will an essay cost?

Our pricing depends on numerous factors. We wouldn’t want to pay our writers a set-in-stone price because they’re all doing different work amounts.

We adjust the price based on the level of schooling (undergraduate, master’s, doctorate), the page length, the type of paper (research, lab report, personal statement), and the amount of time you need the paper within. Keep in mind that you’ll spend money if you allow us more time to write the paper. If you give us 12 hours to write a paper, you will pay a bit more than if you gave us a week.

For example, let us say you’re an undergraduate student needing a 5-page research paper done within 7 days. You can estimate that you’ll pay around $95 for the paper. But this is only an estimate.

Additionally, we offer all first-time users a 10% discount on their first order. Afterward, there are numerous other ways to earn discounts for using our services, such as frequent users.

Again, like we previously mentioned, you will end up paying less if you enlist us to write your essay over an extended period of time. If you requested a writer for the exact same essay but instead gave us 30 days to write it, you’d pay $90.

buy essay
Our essays are plagiarism-free!

Let’s say you need a 2 page annotated bibliography for your master’s program in 60 days. You’ll end up paying about $40, whereas if you needed it within 12 hours, you’d pay $52. So you can see now how getting your work done earlier can save you some money in the end.

There’s no paper that we cant write. We hire experienced writers from all walks of life. We can write a basic college essay and even a business plan. Whatever you need, we can write!

Are the essays plagarized?

No, none of our essays are plagiarized. Every essay is original work from the assigned writer. We do not tolerate plagiarism, unlike most other essay writing companies. Other companies claim their essays are original, but with one search on the internet, you’ll find their entire essay word-for-word.

All of our writers are required to submit original work to you. Additionally, every essay is run through our plagiarism checker before being sent to you. At all times, you will have access to the report if you ask. Our writers are expected to use scholarly sources in addition to the original work.

Any writer that is found to plagiarize an essay is immediately terminated. We understand the effect it will have on you and your grades if you submit a plagiarized essay. Again, we don’t tolerate plagiarism at our company. If you ever have any issues with your essay, please let one of our representatives know.

Will I be able to speak with my writer?

buy essay
You can call us or order online!

Yes, you will be able to speak with the writer assigned to you. You are directed to register for an online account once your essay is paid for.

Through the online portal, you will have access to a private chat where you will directly speak with your writer. Most of the time, the writer will have questions for you as well.

They might question the rubric, citations, or any additional questions pertaining to the work they are completing. We understand the importance of being able to get in touch with the writer. When you buy essay, we know the work is important!

You will also be able to use that same chat system to speak online with one of our representatives. They are available online to answer any questions or concerns that come up during the process. You can always speak with us over the phone, but many of our customers prefer the online messaging system.

Finally, we feel it’s important to note that the writer will not have access to any of your personal information at any time. The only information they are able to view is your user ID. Your safety is a priority, and we would never give out any of your information.

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Call us now or visit our website to have an experienced writer begin your work. Let us answer all of your questions. You can contact us at 832-410-4585.

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