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Based in Houston, SYA (Submit Your Assignments) is a custom writing company. Our main job is to help several clients with written work. Some of the writing work that we assist on include resumes, blogs, research, and much more.

As a small business with a corporate feel, we provide our clients with the best care possible. In fact, we treat every client as if they were our only clients. In doing so, we can provide the most care to all their written work.

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In 2014, Submit Your Assignments was founded as the leader in custom writing services. Our mission is to help writers monetize their skills. Also, we focus on building trust between the writer and customers. Lastly, we assist customers with solutions to their writing struggles.

Not all people have the same writing capacity. However, it is very common for schools to assign essay and for jobs to expect resumes. More so, schoolwork can become difficult when trying to handle school, work, family, and others.

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Other Websites

When it comes to hiring a professional, you require only the best of the best. It can be difficult to find them when there are other websites promising the same help. For instance, if you search “write my essay,” there will be various sites to pop up.

Some companies do not have the best interest and are not really going to help you. Therefore, you must trust a company like ours. When you hire the services at Submit Your Assignments, you obtain great results.

We provide original custom essays writing services tailored to your specific needs. When you purchase pre-written work, expect to be disappointed. Our company understands that you require our help for research purposes. With that, we will help you find scholarly sources.

Writing Tips

Because writing can be so influential, it is always a good rule of thumb to know particular tips that can help develop your writing. It can be very difficult to find the right words for your essay or story. Read further to learn about a few writing tips that help you author your best work.

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Spending hours in front of the computer screen can be a drag, contact SYA to receive the best guidance and support on your next essay!

Planner V. Pantser

There are two types of writers in this world, pantsers and planners. Pantsers are writers who typically write on impulse and develop their story as they go along. Planners on the other hand plot and outline extensively before they begin writing. Regardless how you write, it is always good to have some type of outline or plan so that your story stays on topic.

The Outline

After you have designed an outline, it is essential that you actually utilize it. As obvious as it may seem, it is easy to get lost in subplots and extra characters. This can result in endless chapters that just take up space. Therefore, it is crucial that you always keep the outline in mind throughout the duration of your essay.

Introduce the Problem Early

Considering all the major factors of your story, conflict is the perhaps the most significant to express. Conflict is the basis of every great narrative. Therefore, make sure readers know what your conflict is within the first few paragraphs or if you are writing a story, chapters. The best way to introduce the problem is by having a early situation where the character has an issue or becomes involved in something major.

For instance, the movie “Get Out,” the film starts off with an eerie kidnapping that leaves a creepy tone on the rest of the film. No matter if the theme involves the conflict unfolding within the narrator or against some larger force, once you know, introduce it early.

“Slow Down”

It can be very exciting creating your own story. You may experience an explosion of ideas, characters, and plots all at once. However, it essential to remember not to overwhelm the reader with too many new characters and subplots.

Also, don’t slow down the pace to much to the point your sentences become too fluffy and descriptive. Also, be sure to increase action and dialogue throughout the story.

Tweak Dialogue

Dialogue is extremely important when authoring creative stories. Interaction between two characters can paint the perfect picture prone to just narrating every action. However, remember to make conversations short and sweet so that your story stays on track. You may be tempted to go on for a few paragraphs, but show us do not tell. Give the readers insight on exactly what the setting you are creating looks like.

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