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Research is the key to writing an excellent paper. If you are unfamiliar with research methods, then the best place to start is your library. Typically, libraries have an abundance of digital and physical collections that qualifies as ideal source material.

Additionally, if you have questions, ask your librarian! They are there to help you sort through the seemingly countless books and materials. Once you have found several sources that fit your expectations and topic, it is time to read through them.

Keep in mind that your entire paper will be based on any instructions given by your professor. If they give you a topic, make sure you stick to that topic. This is because your grade will depend on it.

 Sometimes professors can give students a list of research questions from which they can choose to write about. In this instance, as long as you answer the question and explain your answer, you can be a little more creative with it. 

When you hire the team at Submit Your Assignments, we will help you locate the material you can use in your paper. Whether this is through an online database or your library’s physical collection, our writers have the expertise to help.

Once you have finished sorting through your sources, it is time to form an outline. Some professors require this as part of the paper writing process, and it is a useful tool. 

Our writers at Submit Your Assignments will discuss your topic with you and how you think the paper should be organized. Following this, they will create an outline and present it to you. Once you have approved the outline, they will continue to write the sample essay.


Once you have finished writing your outline, it is time to start on the main paper. Remember, every essay has an introduction and conclusion. The rest of the paper is composed of your argument and research findings. 

Typically professors will require a specific word or page count. Sometimes meeting this demand can be difficult, especially for students who do not enjoy writing. If this sounds like you, consider dividing your paper into segments.

For instance, if the required word count is 1,000 words, consider setting aside 150 words for the introduction and conclusion. Then you can divide the rest among other paragraphs in the body of your essay.

It is crucial to remember that your paper must be one hundred percent original. The importance of citing your work cannot be overemphasized. Many colleges and universities have harsh consequences for plagiarism. It is common for students to be expelled for turning in plagiarized work.

If you are unsure what plagiarism is or how it is defined by your university, the team at Submit Your Assignments can clarify these things. Furthermore, our essay writers can help you understand proper writing and editing methods as well as provide a sample essay.

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Editing and Citations

Most professors will base a significant part of their grade on elements like editing and citations. It is always a great idea to ask a family member, friend, or fellow student to look your paper over before submitting it. 

Editing includes thoroughly reading through the paper and correcting typos, grammatical and spelling errors. In addition, you will want to double-check your citations to make sure they are properly formatted.

Citations are the element of writing that protects you, the writer, when using the work of other authors. If you are paraphrasing an idea, or making a direct quote, citations are required. 

There are three commonly used citation styles and they are: MLA, APA, and Chicago. Which one you use will depend on your professor’s instructions and, possibly, on your major. 

For instance, if you are a psychology major in a history class, your professor might require you to use the Chicago style of citation. This is the method all historians use. For the duration of your time at college, it might be ideal to learn all three methods.

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At Submit Your Assignments, we understand how difficult writing a paper can be for some students. The process of research your topic and writing and editing the essay can seem tedious and time-consuming. 

If you find yourself struggling to write an assigned paper, consider contacting the team of professional writers and editors at Submit Your Assignments. We can help you understand the assignment and the steps to writing an excellent paper.

Furthermore, you can depend on us to provide you with advice on editing and formatting your paper. Our writers can even put together a sample essay for you to use when writing your assignment.

Our team understands the importance of original work and the consequences of plagiarism. All of our sample essays contain proper citations with no room for questions regarding the quality of work.

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