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For high school and college students who need their essays written, our writers at Submit Your Assignments can get you results.

Understanding Your Needs

When writer’s block stands in your way, it can be easy to give up right then and there. This is especially true for writing assignments that require a lot of citation and attention to detail. 

With these obstacles in your way, submitting a good paper that’s sure to get a good grade will start to become less likely. 

Essays Written
You no longer have to struggle with those long-winded English assignments. Our writers at Submit Your Assignments can get your essays written in no time.

However, there’s one option that you haven’t exhausted yet. Our writing firm is filled with a team of experts who have mastered their craft. 

These writers have come to earn special accolades in education and in other mediums. Therefore, they make perfect assistants to aid you on your academic journey.

We’re happy to walk first-time clients through all the steps. We do this in order for you to get your writing back on track. 

Our Promise To Our Clients

At Submit Your Assignments, we’re always happy to see new clients inquire about our help. While our services may seem a bit confusing to some, we promise ease of use.

We do our best to solidify your experience as satisfying and rewarding. We promise to deliver our services in a way that meets your goals and helps you become a better writer. Yes, you may be using our services to get a good grade on your paper. However, we have no doubt that you’ll learn a thing or two about your own writing through our services.

We also promise full and complete privacy. None of your work or private information regarding you will be shared with anyone within Submit Your Assignments or with any third party. We only use the information you give us through the Order Form in order to successfully do our work.

Guaranteed Satisfaction For All

In fact, all of our first-time clients will receive a discount on their first three orders, regardless of the service details. We recommend anyone who hasn’t tried out service yet to apply the coupon for their first orders.

Essays Written
Your essays matter to us! Whether it’s editing, writing, or rewriting tasks, Submit Your Assignments can offer you discounts on our services.

Additionally, we promise to all of our clients a dedicated writer that will work with you to the very end. Even after your order has been completed and delivered to you, Submit Your Assignments is happy to provide a 7-day grace period for any changes you may need.

This is especially helpful for those who might find the first draft to not be what they expected the first time around. Therefore, the 7 days give both the client and writers enough time to correspond and reach an agreement on corrections.

Additionally, we promise all of our clients absolutely privacy, confidentiality, and on-time delivery. This means that we will never share your work with others or with a third party. Additionally, our writers will aim to bring you your finished assignments in a timely manner. 

We do this because we know that deadlines are everything in high school and in college. Therefore, we’re able to manage our time in an orderly fashion. Our writers get a countdown on how much time they have left to complete the order.

Because of this, we’re able to deliver ahead of schedule. This allows for enough time to make corrections and edits. 

These attributes are the core of how we continually meet our goals for customer satisfaction.

Writing, Rewriting, and Editing

Our writers are a big part of what makes Submit Your Assignments great. However, many of our services are awesome, too. Submit Your Assignments has three main services available to clients.


Looking to get a book or college essay written? Why not try our Writing service? As the name suggests, a client will get a one-on-one walkthrough with our writers about the assignment. The initial conversation will go over key elements. This includes any added attachments that you submitted in your order form. Thereafter, your writer will fully write your essay or dissertation.

Essays Written
Getting your essays written by us at Submit Your Assignments is easy! Just fill out the order form on our website.


Our rewriting portion deals strictly with rewriting an essay that has already been written. The writer may leave in some parts that are great, delete the parts that aren’t and expand on parts that simply need elaboration. Like all of our services, this one also comes with a 7 day grace period for revisions and edits that the clients might ask for.


Lastly, the editing service is simply a close edit of an existing piece of work. This is perfect for when you simply need an extra set of eyes. Our editors want to make sure everything on paper is clean. Small corrections and spelling mishaps will be addressed.

Any issues such as passive voice and subject-verb agreement will be taken into account, too. This option is great for clients who already have a good footing on where their writing skills are, but simply want some edits to be made by another person.

These are the three services that Submit Your Assignments offers. Each of them provides a specific purpose to your essay, but they can work interchangeably if the client requests it. Using one or more of our tried and true services is the perfect way to get your essays written the way you intended.

Giving Back With Discounts

While many other essay writing firms charge more than the market price for their services, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. It’s one of the many ways we’d like to give back to those who fully believe in the work of our services and our writers.

Seasonal Discounts

If you need your essays written, there are a few discounts to consider depending on who you are. If you’ve been a customer with Submit Your Assignments for a while, we proudly offer periodic discounts throughout our seasonal periods. These discounts will come in the form of a promo code in your e-mail or while chatting with one of our lovely agents. For being with us for so long, you’ll get certain discounts on our services that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lifetime Rewards

For those who sign up for our lifetime service package, you’ll be getting more discounts than the average user. After you order five assignments with us at Submit Your Assignments, you’ll receive a full 10% on all of your orders from that point forward. That’s right!

All of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply looking to get your work edited or completely rewritten. This discount serves only the best of the best clients that we have.

We understand that your work is very important. We know that it needs the right touch in order to maintain its consistent quality. Or maybe you’ve really gotten along well with one of our writers and you’ve decided to continue bringing your work to them. Whatever the case is, this 10% discount system is perfect for you.

New Members

If you’re new to our service, we welcome you! You won’t be left out in the cold as far as discounts are concerned. In fact, all of our new customers will receive a one-time discount on special offers.

This means that you can try our services out at a fraction of the rate. If it turns out that you’re interested in continuing your business with us, then our trained writers will be here to help!

Our discounts are our way of saying “thank you” to all of our clients. Not only does it help you save money, but you’ll also be opening a door to a new resource for your writing projects and assignments.

Let Us Help

Ready to start working with our writers at Submit Your Assignments. Have a writing project that you’re completely stumped on. Then it’s time to contact us. Get your essays written with Submit Your Assignments today by filling out our Order Form on our website!

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