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When it comes to offering writing services, the writers are not just the producers; they are the product itself. Great writers are laying the foundation for our clients. Writing for Submit Your Assignments means having access to a wide variety of orders and working with customers from around the world. We handle all of the technical stuff like payments, customer support, marketing, and editorial support. 

American Company: We were created in America and hire mostly American staff members. This includes writers, phone support representatives, editors, and managers. Many freelance writing websites are based in other nations.

Competitive Compensation: While other writing sites may offer higher payouts, we found that many of these companies have not created feasible and sustainable long-term business models. Our writer payouts are above market rates and surely pay more based on your experience and tenure with the company.

How will I be paid?

Writers are paid via Direct Deposit.

What are writer deductions, and why do you have them?

If a writer completes an order and it doesn’t meet the deadline or page length requirements, then our editors have to spend time fixing it, and the customer may be entitled to a refund. In these cases, we utilize an internal deduction policy that is reasonable and flexible in terms of accidental circumstances. Rest assured, we don’t use deductions to “boost profit margins” or punish writers, and it’s merely a preventative and deterrent measure so that we can uphold our quality standards. 

What happens if I plagiarize?

We have no tolerance for plagiarism in our writing staff. We use tools such as Plagscan on every order and quality assurance from our editors.

Writing for SYA isn’t easy. We do promote very high standards in terms of our end product because our customers rely on our expertise for their most important writing projects. The rules are top, but the support system that we offer for writers is compelling as well. 

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