Transitioning from High-School to College

Growing up and getting older are facts of life that we all must face. As days go by, we must prepare for our future. Often, we take a break from planning and all of a sudden; those distant years are here. Milestones are crucial year after year.

We look forward to birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and other ceremonies. These are the times that are most cherished in our lives. We make memories to look back on and reminisce with those closest to us.

One of the most celebrated milestones in life is high school graduation. Students spend at least 12 or 13 years studying the basics to get to this point. Many years of homework, projects, field trips, late night studying, friendsā€™ parties, and sports events, all equal up to the one magical night of graduation. This special moment will forever be in the heart of the student. Parents, other family members and friends also share in the essence of this great moment.

Every good moment is followed by a new chapter. Hence, the transition from high school graduate to young adulthood. Young adulthood encompasses many levels. There are many options to choose from after high school. A good percentage of graduates decide to go into higher education. Higher education usually means college or university training. Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult. This is a time when responsibility and accountability come into play. College is a whole different ball game from high school. There is no one hanging over you to wake you up in the morning. Your parents and other siblings are not there to give you daily advice. You must make decisions as an adult. This can be difficult if you were very dependent on your parents. It takes a lot of courage to transition from high school to college. You have to set goals and put in the work to achieve all of them.

College is a brand-new world. If you are lucky, you will meet friends who are traveling on the same journey as you. These new faces will be able to track along side you as you all discover what the future holds. It takes very detailed planning to transition into college. The most important detail is to mentally prepare yourself. After mental preparation, the other factors come with ease. This phase of your life will allow you to learn more about yourself. You will tap into areas of your life that you did not know existed. Although it may seem tough and challenging, this chapter of your life can be the most fulfilling. It is in these years that you will discover where you want to go in life and how you want to live your best life.