Writing Argumentative Essays

Writing Argumentative Essays doesn’t have to be difficult. With Submit Your Assignments in your corner, we can help you build a convincing essay that is readable, concise, and convincing.

The Scenario – What Is An Argumentative Essay?

Imagine that you received a new writing assignment. This one seems to be different from the essays you’ve been assigned to before. In fact, this one will require you to throw in some of your own opinions in the mix. Can you guess what kind of essay this is? Yes, they’re argumentative essays. Argumentative Essays require a lot more than just regurgitating research with proper sources attached. These push you to formulate your own input and respond to opposing views.

Approaching this the same way you approach other essay writing assignments won’t work. It will yield highly unfavorable results. In order to first know how to write argumentative essays, it’s important to consider all the elements that make it so. You won’t be doing it alone either. Our esteemed team of academic writing staff has the tools to guide you through the process. Our writing, editing, and rewriting services are strong key elements. This is because they will help you complete your argumentative essay with ease.

Writing Argumentative Essays
Writing Argumentative Essays doesn’t have to be difficult. Let our writing services at Submit Your Assignments.

Additionally, Submit Your Assignments also offers assistance for other types of writing assignments. If you’re in a need of some assistance, there’s no better time to get in touch with us. Just fill out the Order Form at the top of our page. Once the payment is cleared, our writers will start on your assignment right away.

The Setup – What Makes Argumentative Essays?

An argumentative essay will generally require you to pick a topic or interest. They should align with your overall personal opinions. The makeup of the essay should include an introduction, a thesis statement, two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Does your instructor require a specific format in regards to citing sources? It’s important to keep tabs on those requirements as you’re writing.

This all may seem a bit straightforward, but it’s really not. You will have to write each section with a purpose. The goal is to make sure that you get your point across to the reader. We believe that a good argumentative essay is a persuasive essay. One that showcases your point of view clearly with evidence that supports your claim. Argumentative essays are somewhat of a research paper as well, so its important that all your claims are supported by reputable sources.

Writing Argumentative Essays
Writing Argumentative Essays requires some strategy. Our writers can help you develop one in no time.

As you can tell, developing an argumentative essay will be a challenge. This is especially if you’ve had the opportunity to write one before. Submit Your Assignments can help you create one in a flash if you need it with our writing services. We also offer our editing and revision services for those who need an extra edge on their already written argumentative pieces.

The Blueprint – How Argumentative Essays Work

Writing an argumentative essay requires each paragraph to serve a particular purpose. If you’re writing to advocate or oppose a point of view, your essay will need these four steps in order to be successful.

At Submit Your Assignments, our world-class writers are well aware of these intricacies. With our assistance, there’s no writing assignment you can’t achieve. If you’re choosing to write your essay for us to revise and edit later, here are the four elements of argumentative essays to consider.

Inside The Blueprint

  • Introduction – You might already be familiar with this one, but they’re differing for argumentative essays. The intro should clearly state your topic and your topic background. This will also be your chance to briefly state what evidence you’ll be presenting.
  • Thesis Statement – Your thesis statement isn’t another paragraph separate from the introduction, but rather part of it. A good tip to keep in mind is to always align your thesis statement towards the end of your introduction. Your thesis statement should briefly describe the main idea of your essay as well as your position regarding your topic.
  • The Body – The body mostly consists of three or more paragraphs advocating for your position. If you can imagine a burger, your body paragraph is similar to the meat between two buns. You must reinforce your thesis, or position with evidence. The evidence can come in many forms. Check with your instructor to find out what type of sources are allowed. Generally, statistics, case studies, and citations from research materials are fair game. Additionally, your body paragraph must address any oppositions against your advocate as well as a few reasons why you disapprove of them. To enhance the effectiveness of your claim, always remember that a good argument should have a strategy that smacks down counter-arguments with legitimate resources.
  • Conclusion – Time to wrap it up. Your closer should briefly restate your position and a small summary of what your essay was about. Be sure to keep the main idea intact as you close out your paper. This is also a good time to cater to your reader’s thoughts and emotions, as it serves as a good persuasion tactic. After all, you want your readers on your side.

The Help- Our Services Explained

There’s a good chance that you’ll run into issues. Every writer does. That’s why it’s best to have Submit Your Assignments on speed dial. We offer great rates for writing, editing, and rewrite services for an argumentative essay you might have. With our writing service, our writers are trained to write your argumentative essays with all of the elements intact thanks to our writing service. With our writing service, we’ll gladly write your argumentative paper for you so that you have a good idea of how to approach this type of assignment in the future.

Writing Argumentative Essays
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If you’re in need of some extra eyes, you might like our editing and revision services. As the name suggests, our editing services include fixes to your grammar, spelling, and spelling. These small fixes simply help your essay go from being hard to read to a pleasant experience. In contrast, our rewrite services offer a deeper look into your essay. We’ll consider things like sentence structure, organization, clarity, and fact-check all your resources. If we notice any issues, our writers will immediately let you know about those issues and give you pointers on how to avoid them in the future. A combination of all of these services should net you confidence when submitting your final draft to be seen for review.

Writing Argumentative Essays

All of our services come with complimentary revisions for free. Any changes that you want to be made during the current session with you and the writer will adhere to free of charge. We understand how terrifying writing essays can be. Therefore, our company commits to delivering excellent final drafts and amazing customer service support.

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