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assignment writing services
Your responsibilities are piling up, so let us help carry the load!

Students who are currently suffering from writer’s block should take advantage of our assignment writing services. The team at Submit Your Assignments specializes in writing and editing original work to help you finish projects on time.

We know that being a student can be a turbulent experience, especially if you’re a high school senior or a college student. Your schedule is crammed full of homework from every class, projects, activities, and possibly even a part-time job. You’re barely left with any time for social activities or even sleep, so how do you manage this packed schedule?

Let the expert writers at Submit Your Assignments help ease your burden slightly by taking on a bit of your workload. We specialize in academic assignments such as research papers, Powerpoint presentations, and more. No matter how big your project is or how soon you need it, our team can help.

Details for Your Paper

There are a few details we’ll need when you decide to order our assignment writing services. For example, if you order an academic paper, it helps if you tell us what class we’re writing for, including the class name and number. Please also tell us if you’re an undergraduate or working on your master’s or doctoral degree. Obviously, the subject is a very important element of the entire paper, so don’t leave that section blank!

Our writers will also need to know what type of paper you need. We offer everything from analyses to research papers to essays, so choose whichever category best fits your assignment. The order form has an additional section for entering specific instructions for your paper. If your instructor has any special requirements, rules, or guidelines, be sure to put them on this part of the form. We ask that you refrain from filling the form with any personal information.

The order form has an area for uploading any additional materials provided by your instructor, such as PDFs, images, or other documents. Finally, please tell us what kind of format your paper should follow. We offer APA 6th and 7th Editions as well as MLA and Harvard formats. If you have another format not listed, please let us know by choosing “other.”

assignment writing services
Our affordable assignment writing services can save your project!

Additional Information

Our pricing is affected by the details you submit further down the order form. For example, a paper that requires a larger number of pages will cost more to order. A Powerpoint presentation with more slides will also have a higher cost. You can also inform us if there’s a maximum number of pages or slides that are permitted so we don’t exceed an instructor’s assigned limit.

Please let us know if your paper’s length is being measured by word count or page count so we can provide the appropriate number of either option. You should also let us know if you need a certain number of sources for your paper and if it has any required assigned readings. If your project does contain assigned readings, you can choose how many pages the reading has so we can give you a better price estimate for our work.

Your deadline for the project is another critical factor in our final estimate. Obviously, the sooner you need a paper finished, the higher its price will be. Our writers need an acceptable amount of time to perform their work, but they also want to be mindful of prioritizing specific assignments because of their due dates.

Extra Services

We offer a set of additional services for a fee. For example, if part of your assignment is due earlier than the other, we charge a fee equal to 12% of our estimate. You can also order a table of contents, a detailed outline, visual aids, and a cover page for a small fee. We offer an Originality Report for our work so you can be confident that our product is 100% plagiarism-free and original.

assignment writing services
There are just four easy steps to saving your GPA!

How to Order From Us

There are four easy steps to ordering our assignment writing services. First, fill out the order form we mentioned earlier with as many details as possible. You can either register a new account with us or log in to a previously-created account.

Next, we ask that you pay a deposit before a writer begins working on your assignment. You can either pay half or the full amount of your bill for us to get started. We’ll find a writer that fills your needs within a few short hours. If you chose a Preferred Writer, the assignment will go to them depending on their availability.

When your assignment is ready, we’ll send you an e-mail and/or SMS text notification to let you know. You can then download your paper and use it as needed.

Why You Should Choose Our Assignment Writing Services

We hire experienced writers with all kinds of academic backgrounds to ensure that every paper we deliver is accurate, well-written, and plagiarism-free. We only use reputable sources for our work, so we can guarantee that your paper only contains factual information.

When ordering our assignment writing services, you can choose from three categories of writers to complete your order. You may request a standard writer, a preferred writer (if you have ordered from us previously), or a top writer. Selecting a top writer will increase your final estimate, but you’ll benefit from having an expert in that particular field working on your paper.

We occasionally offer discounts or specials. The site often has a special deal where you can order a second version of your assignment from another top writer and receive it at half price. This means that two different writers will work on the same assignment for you. You can either keep both results or share one with a classmate if you like.

Call Us Today for a Great Paper

If the stress of student life is weighing you down and you’re having trouble focusing on your academic work, don’t worry. The friendly, Houston-based team at Submit Your Assignments is here to make your homework load a little more bearable. Call us today or send us an e-mail to learn more about our project work. Trust our excellent assignment writing services to deliver top-notch projects to you.

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