SYA Guaranteed Grade

My mother had a saying, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but death. All you can do is have a plan and set a standard on the way there.” When I was a teenager, this was met with rolled eyes (when my back was turned, of course, I knew better lol) and heavy sighs (once I was out of earshot). I didn’t understand it. I mean, she was my mom. The closest thing to an all-powerful being next to God. So I couldn’t fathom her not being able to guarantee things and make things shake. She always did. So, it was expected. And then… I grew up. Became a mom to children of my own, and about six months ago, I had to laugh at myself, because, in a conversation with my teen daughter, I told her, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but death. All you can do is have a plan and set a standard along the way.” When those words spilled from my lips, my cupped hand flew up to my mouth and slapped itself over the space that my mother had just spoken through. Was she a ventriloquist? How did she do that? No really, I was that dramatic.

That night, I sat up and thought about my mother’s words and my life. That’s when I finally understood. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Even though I had disregarded those words when she spoke them the million times before I left her home, they were ingrained in me. I had, since venturing out into the world, been able to roll with the punches. I had a plan for everything, though, even if it was just the base details. And I always held myself to a particular standard with everything from school to my writing, work, family life, friendships. Everything. I surrounded myself with like-minded people. I worked hard towards my goals. And I paid attention. My attention to detail is on microscopic levels.

My mother’s words also led me to SYA (Submit Your Assignments) as a writer. An author and editor by trade, I have a love affair with words and my writing is something that I always strive to become better at. With SYA, I found a home amongst others who love writing, love learning new things, and believe that having a plan and setting a standard are the most critical elements in reaching one’s goals. The goal of SYA is to provide quality writing to our clients.

Our CEO had a vision, a plan, and that has provided her with the platform to assist writers, editors and students alike. We’re observant, meticulous in our work, and put our best foot forward, taking the assignments on as if they were our own.

However, like my mom said, “Nothing in life is guaranteed…” well, you know the rest. Lol. When I went looking for companies to write for, I saw other companies that made a lot of promises. The most exciting being is guaranteeing a letter grade. I remember being in school and feeling like I nailed an assignment, only to be given a dose of humility when I didn’t get the grade I expected. Sometimes, it was due to an oversight on my part. Other times, the teacher had issues with my writing and concepts. I took those criticisms and used them to improve my writing. Every experience for me is a learning experience.

Even the best student has off days. And I am in no way saying that to make an excuse. I’m assuming that because, in the research above for companies to write for, their processes were nowhere near as extensive as the one that SYA provides. Here, we check, check, and double-check. We have a direct line to you, the student, who is attending the classes, know the professors’ expectations, and can give us all the details we need to complete the assignment successfully. Our writers take all the documents that are provided and review them thoroughly, and we are given enough time to do so. There’s no rushing here. Once the writer is done, the editor is given the time needed to review the document, send notes to and request revisions from the writer, check it for plagiarism, and then we send it to you.

So, while there is no guaranteed letter grade, what we can assure you is that we have a plan, the time to successfully implement that plan, and a process that sets a standard that gives the best quality work every time. And with this process and measure, we have been able to secure satisfied clients, who return with other assignments, writers who are dedicated to doing our best work, and a company that we are all proud to be a part of.

We can’t guarantee you an A+, but we can promise that we’ll do an A+ job completing the task at hand. With your help, we can all continue to be at the top of the class.