Types of Essays

Throughout our school and professional careers, we will have to write different kinds of papers including essays. We may be given assignments that will require us to research and put together projects, but how do you know what type of essay will work for your project?

Certain types of essays will work on different projects. There are four major types of compositions that can be written. These are narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive essays. Each has a purpose, and it’s necessary to know which one is which.

Narrative essays tell personal stories. They are designed to draw the reader in and take them along. A well-written narrative takes you into account and shares the experience of the writer.

A descriptive essay is very similar to a narrative but relies on the description to evoke a response. A great descriptive writer can paint an incredible picture and create a deep emotional connection with their words. This type of writing can be very beneficial in businesses like advertising.

An expository essay is based on facts and figures. It’s designed to explain a topic with evidence. Facts, data, and statistics are used along with well-written narratives to help educate. You would most likely see this type of essay used in business or in education.

Persuasive essays are a fantastic blend of expository and narrative papers. They use the descriptive power of language alongside supporting facts and figures to persuade the reader to the writer’s point of view. This type of writing is used in many ways including journalists, politicians and other leaders to bring their followers around to their opinion.

Each type of essay can be highly effective in conjunction with speeches, powerpoints, and other presentations. Knowing what you want your essay to do and the results you are expecting will help you pick the right format and provide the best writing for your project.

You have a bad case of Writer’s Block

You Have A Bad Case Of Writer’s Block: Here’s How To Face It And Erase It

Your paper is due in the next 10 hours, and you haven’t even finished the outline. You know what you need to convey, but the words just won’t come together so that you can craft something that is both cohesive and witty. You keep telling yourself that there is no such thing as writer’s block. “It’s all just a myth,” you say. Now, you know that’s not true!

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Writer’s Block Defined and Placed in History

Your inability to get beyond the outline of your essay is proof of the condition that prevents you from being productive. Writer’s block, or the progressive reduction or complete loss of creativity, has affected many famous authors of past times.

Many believe that Herman Melville, who wrote the classic story of Moby Dick, quit the craft of writing altogether because he suffered from a severe case of writer’s block that kept him from coming up with something new. Unfortunately for Melville, writer’s block was not recognized as an actual thing until 1947 when psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler described it. People probably thought that Melville had merely lost his “juice.”

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Reasons for the Condition

It is evident, through your present struggles, that the issue of losing “juice,” or falling into the snare of writer’s block, is still a possibility. Why are you experiencing such troubles, though?

The number one reason why students encounter the dreaded writer’s block syndrome is due to pressure. Your brain works better when it is not under high stress, according to science. Passion, one of the central ingredients needed to create an excellent short story or highly engaging term paper, slowly disintegrates when you zero-in on due dates and strive for perfection at all cost.

The aim of your outline or first draft should be to get everything on paper. You, however, may be one of those students who believe that every sentence must be appropriately structured and, of course, punctuation perfect. That need for perfection is killing your creativity and leading to your stalled productivity.

Your high expectations are ruining your chances of finishing before the deadline since pressure tells your limbic system that it is time to either fight (i.e., stick it out and churn out new ideas) or take flight (i.e., shut down). With your brain already working overtime on other tasks at school, is there any doubt that it will take flight?

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Another reason for writer’s block is simple burnout. Perhaps you are just tired of addressing the same subject and need a break. It is during these times that seeking the services of a professional may be helpful. A pair of fresh eyes can not only give you the rest that you need, but a new person in the equation can also offer a different perspective that can rare up those thinking juices to get you back on the path of productivity and good grades.

Other Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

Perhaps you are feeling like Herman Melville and are ready to give up on the craft of writing altogether. Try these alternatives before you raise your white flag to the dreaded writer’s block condition:

  • Go for a walk: Did you know that the sedentary life is not the best thing for your brain? Taking a step outside could be the very thing to replenish the juices that have been lost in the process of you trying to create the perfect paper.
  • Rid yourself of distractions: This advice may seem impossible if you are a single parent. How are you supposed to focus on your writing when the kids are screaming for their bath, food, and everything else they can ponder? Sometimes you have to go the extra mile and create a schedule that keeps the little ones occupied while you are working at home.
  • Read a book: Seriously, the power of reading goes far! You can change your environment without getting off the couch by merely cracking open your favorite novel and getting into a bit of reading. Newspaper articles are also great for those who need a quick break from writing.
  • Listen to music: Music is another alternative to writing that gets the juices flowing. Do not get lost in the tunes, though. You still need to finish that outline and paper.
  • Create a routine, write it on your board, and stick with it: Discipline takes the guesswork out of your day, which can reduce your chances of encountering writer’s block. Create a plan that does not force you to multi-task, post it in your study area, and do not alter it even if your friends offer you free ice scream to hang out with them when you should be writing.

Writing is a craft that does not come naturally to everyone. Sure, you can create a grocery list or write notes now and again. There is a big difference, though, between creating reminders and crafting something that is both cohesive and interesting. Writing takes a lot of thought and analysis, which are not favorite attributes in the digital age. It is not abnormal for you to experience writer’s block, but you certainly do not need to live in the neighborhood of reduced productivity. Use these tips to fight the condition. Happy writing!

Mental Health and College

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You’ve done it! The caps have fallen to the ground, and you’re ready to embark on the new journey in your life and education. Your parents tell you that you are stepping into adulthood and the importance of making wise decisions, but all you hear is “wha, wha, wha-wha,” as the adults from the Peanuts cartoons. Insert an eye roll and a heavy sigh, and you’re ready for college.

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You go shopping, get to your dorm, and unpack all the fresh new dopeness that’s going to have you ready for anything that comes your way and then…

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You wish that you’d listened. You don’t like your roommate because they take your clothes without your permission and eat all the food out of your mini-fridge when you’re in class. They come in all hours of the night talking loudly on their cell phone. Their friends or significant other is always around. You get no peace, and you can’t say anything, because it’s their room, too.

The only thing that you have to hold onto is the fact that soon, you’ll be able to get away with the money that’s about to hit your student account. That motivation helps you make it through the late nights and early mornings. You count down, have an app on your phone, set reminders, and finally… the day has arrived…

You got your refund check, and are ready to ball out of control and party like, well, like your parents aren’t watching. Until…

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Registration – $An Arm

Misc Fees – $A Leg (what are these even for real?)

Books – $Enough For The Words To Be Written In Gold

Room and board – $Your First-Born Child (Yeah, missing mooching off your parents now, free of charge, ain’t ya? Lol)

Food card – $Your Soul (And the food ain’t even that good)

Ok… ok… you still gotta lil bit to work with, but then you realize you have to make it stretch the entire semester. If you’re anything like me, you didn’t make it and had to live off ramen noodles when you used to eat Burger King during your cram sessions. You were buying meals for all your new friends, who mysteriously vanished into thin air when your funds dried up.

You finally muster up the nerve to call your parents and ask for help and then…

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You look at your grades and realize that all that going out, all the games and frat parties, and time in the game room has your career on life support before it’s even begun. Now, you have to think twice about calling your parents. What are you gonna tell them? That you’re succeeding socially, and your academics are in the tank? Yeah, that’ll go over well.

Then, there’s the social aspect. How well is that really going? You find out that friends here are flakier than they were in high school. And did I mention you hate your roommate?

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I mean, why are there so many decisions? Why are there so many assignments? Why are the classes so early? Why are the girls/guys so beautiful? Why is the food so nasty? Why doesn’t your professor understand that you had to be at that party last night, because pledging that fraternity/sorority is just as crucial to your future as your grades? Why didn’t your parents warn you about any of this? Oh wait, they did. Now, you’re in limbo. You’re not up for the “I told you so” speech that would accompany assistance from the parental units. You get the side eye and pushback from the professors that you ask for extra credit assignments to help boost your grades. You have to take up a work-study job, and catch-up on work, possibly entertain the new love of your life, deal with your roommate, and your professors suggested that you get tutors. Tests, classes, peopling, repeat. And sleep may or may not find its way in there somewhere. You and the sun become best friends you see it peek over the horizon so often. Your life has gone from carefree to full-on responsibility in a matter of weeks, maybe months, and you have to get things back on track.

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This may be a worst-case scenario, but some of this is your reality if you’re a college student. And that’s why so many students find themselves suffering from mental issues that can make the college experience even more unbearable. This new world is exciting and full of hope, but at the same time, the pressure can wreak havoc on your mental well-being. Issues like reckless behavior, which can be underaged drinking, promiscuity, or other immoral acts, depression, and severe anxiety are all genuine in college. Most times, with all of the talking that your parents have given you, they haven’t told you about self-care and maintaining mental health.

Sleep deprivation, fear of failure, the newness of your environment, bullying on levels that you couldn’t even imagine, all play a part in the decline of the mental health of college students. Gratefully, most colleges and universities offer therapists on campus for students. Professors also understand to Freshmen who are still learning to navigate their new lives and course loads. Pushing yourself to the limit can come back to bite you in the behind. Take this from someone who knows. So, I have a couple of self-care tools that may help you combat the causes of mental health while attending college.

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Make a Plan

Write it out, make it understandable. Plan your time, and stick to it. You know what your schedule is, and this gives you control over your time management. Say no if someone asks you to do something outside of your personal plan. I know it’ll be tempting to walk away from the books to have a little fun, take a break, or let your hair down. But discipline is necessary to be successful in college and in life after college.

Only Do What You Can

You know your limits. Don’t push yourself anywhere near the edge of what you’re capable of. Don’t take on too many classes, join too many groups, commit yourself to too much. And what you can’t do today, you can do tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting it all done. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the pyramids. This is the time that you plan and schedule to let your hair down. Make and schedule breaks for yourself and take them. Don’t tell yourself that if you just get XYZ done, you’ll be okay, because before you know it, you’ll be exhausted. You deserve a break, so give yourself one.

Only Compare Yourself To Yourself

Oh, you thought you left the mean girls in high school? No sir, no ma’am, no ham, no spam, no turkey. The desire to fit into this new world can be overwhelming, but, and I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s true: There’s only ONE you. It’s their pleasure to know you, not the other way around. Eating disorders and depression can manifest by comparing yourself to others. If they don’t like you, put your best flight attendant voice on and advise them that the exits are “here and here” so that they can find their way out of your life. The ones who are for you are for you, and the ones who aren’t don’t deserve to make you feel anything other than amazing about yourself.


With your parents, your professors, your advisors, yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone has to say about how you feel or what you need. Let people know what’s going on so that when something changes or something happens, no one is blindsided. If you’re failing a class, missing an assignment, feeling alone or afraid or overwhelmed, the people who are in your life are there for you. They may be disappointed in your choices, but if they care about you, they’ll help you sift through it all and help it make sense so that you can move forward. Communication is the key to success in life. Why not start with college?

Be Honest with Yourself

The first person you have to admit anything to is you. You know yourself better than anyone else. You can tell if there are changes in your mood, your body, your view of life and/or self. These are usually the warning signs that something is off. And, if you aren’t honest with yourself about your issues or your needs, how can anyone else be of assistance?

Seek Help

If you see that there are changes, that you need help, please get it. Nothing is embarrassing about mental health issues. And it’s better to catch them early so that they can be treated before they consume you or become worse. Managing your mental health is essential for your life, not just in college. Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, weight gain or loss, and other issues that you may be facing can play a part in your success or failure as a college student.

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We want you to succeed, want you to be a happy, functional member of society, but most importantly, we want you to be healthy.

Take care of yourselves!

Hugs from the SYA Crew!


How Classical Music Can help You Study

Classical Music, My Secret Weapon: Beethoven, Bach, and Brain Power

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As the single mother of two beautiful, intelligent, extremely active daughters, ages 16 and 6, concentration isn’t something, I have the luxury of. Neither is brain power after getting them both to school, one to and from her part-time job, the other to and from cheerleading practice, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and school functions, and my speaking engagements. When you add that to my life as an entrepreneur, which means no days off, it’s a wonder my shoes are on the right foot from one day to the next.

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I had to find some balance. And with that, a way to make sure that I kept my mind sharp, and I’m able to focus on the tasks at hand, as well as the ones to come. People always ask me what my secret weapon is, and how I manage to make it all happen. Well, I’m giving y’all the inside scoop. You ready? Read on…

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We’ve all heard about classical music and how it aids in concentration. I’ve seen women walking around with headphones on their bellies that when curiosity gets the best of me, and I ask, tell me that they’re playing classical music for their unborn to help with brain development. I think it’s cute and thoughtful, but I didn’t look any further into it until I settled into my career. I’ve been an author for 16 years and an editor for almost 4. Great right? Well, we all know that there are challenges with these careers, just as with any other career choices. As an author/writer, I needed something to get me going and keep me crunk, yes I said crunk, during the five, ten, and sometimes thirty-six to forty-eight-hour stints that I devote to writing my novels. For this, I use trap music and R&B. Hey, I write Urban Fiction and Lesfic, what did you expect?

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But, as an editor, the jobs can become redundant. There’s a lot of repetition, in the corrections and even in the proofing, to make sure that the storyline is intact. For this, I have learned that classical music helps a great deal. I have the attention span of a toddler, in real life. And when I find myself distracted, I put on my Skull Candy headphones and turn on one of my Classical for Concentration playlists. With the help of the great classical composers and even the more recent ones, I’m able to bang that edit right on out.

Recently, I was contracted as a writer with Submit Your Assignments. This is a bit different from writing fiction because it requires meeting academic requirements. But, because we all know how tedious writing for academia can be, this was yet another task that I had to turn to music to get that extra push.

word image 4

I tried to trap music. But imagine songs about guns and drugs when you’re trying to write about business structures, or psychological theories, or worse, biblical concepts with regards to a real-world experience. Right. Didn’t work.

Then I tried R&B, but love songs and academic writing just didn’t mesh. Listening to a song about a metaphorically broken heart doesn’t really work when writing a paper about anatomy and physiology. That was another no-go.

Finally, I gave classical music and shot and— BINGO! It worked. Classical music is the shiznit. And, I have to admit, when I’m listening to it, I feel smarter. The light, flowy feel of it, or the more aggressive tracks, dependent on what I’m writing, get those juices flowing and put me in a great headspace at the same time. (See what I did there? Lol.) I have even tried it when I’m writing my fiction, and it works.

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So, the verdict is in. Whenever you find yourself burning the midnight oil, and you need a boost, be in writing or editing a paper or a novel, studying for that test that when you just can’t seem to get jiggy with the content, or even trying to focus when you meditate… Classical music is it! Give it a try and feel free to comment on whether it works for you. I’ve even included my favorite classical music playlists on YouTube and Spotify for you to give it a try.

You’re welcome.

Til next time,

Write On!

Joi Miner

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/R0kl9xFVSnI

SYA Guaranteed Grade

My mother had a saying, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but death. All you can do is have a plan and set a standard on the way there.” When I was a teenager, this was met with rolled eyes (when my back was turned, of course, I knew better lol) and heavy sighs (once I was out of earshot). I didn’t understand it. I mean, she was my mom. The closest thing to an all-powerful being next to God. So I couldn’t fathom her not being able to guarantee things and make things shake. She always did. So, it was expected. And then… I grew up. Became a mom to children of my own, and about six months ago, I had to laugh at myself, because, in a conversation with my teen daughter, I told her, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but death. All you can do is have a plan and set a standard along the way.” When those words spilled from my lips, my cupped hand flew up to my mouth and slapped itself over the space that my mother had just spoken through. Was she a ventriloquist? How did she do that? No really, I was that dramatic.

That night, I sat up and thought about my mother’s words and my life. That’s when I finally understood. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Even though I had disregarded those words when she spoke them the million times before I left her home, they were ingrained in me. I had, since venturing out into the world, been able to roll with the punches. I had a plan for everything, though, even if it was just the base details. And I always held myself to a particular standard with everything from school to my writing, work, family life, friendships. Everything. I surrounded myself with like-minded people. I worked hard towards my goals. And I paid attention. My attention to detail is on microscopic levels.

My mother’s words also led me to SYA (Submit Your Assignments) as a writer. An author and editor by trade, I have a love affair with words and my writing is something that I always strive to become better at. With SYA, I found a home amongst others who love writing, love learning new things, and believe that having a plan and setting a standard are the most critical elements in reaching one’s goals. The goal of SYA is to provide quality writing to our clients.

Our CEO had a vision, a plan, and that has provided her with the platform to assist writers, editors and students alike. We’re observant, meticulous in our work, and put our best foot forward, taking the assignments on as if they were our own.

However, like my mom said, “Nothing in life is guaranteed…” well, you know the rest. Lol. When I went looking for companies to write for, I saw other companies that made a lot of promises. The most exciting being is guaranteeing a letter grade. I remember being in school and feeling like I nailed an assignment, only to be given a dose of humility when I didn’t get the grade I expected. Sometimes, it was due to an oversight on my part. Other times, the teacher had issues with my writing and concepts. I took those criticisms and used them to improve my writing. Every experience for me is a learning experience.

Even the best student has off days. And I am in no way saying that to make an excuse. I’m assuming that because, in the research above for companies to write for, their processes were nowhere near as extensive as the one that SYA provides. Here, we check, check, and double-check. We have a direct line to you, the student, who is attending the classes, know the professors’ expectations, and can give us all the details we need to complete the assignment successfully. Our writers take all the documents that are provided and review them thoroughly, and we are given enough time to do so. There’s no rushing here. Once the writer is done, the editor is given the time needed to review the document, send notes to and request revisions from the writer, check it for plagiarism, and then we send it to you.

So, while there is no guaranteed letter grade, what we can assure you is that we have a plan, the time to successfully implement that plan, and a process that sets a standard that gives the best quality work every time. And with this process and measure, we have been able to secure satisfied clients, who return with other assignments, writers who are dedicated to doing our best work, and a company that we are all proud to be a part of.

We can’t guarantee you an A+, but we can promise that we’ll do an A+ job completing the task at hand. With your help, we can all continue to be at the top of the class.