Types of Essays

Throughout our school and professional careers, we will have to write different kinds of papers including essays. We may be given assignments that will require us to research and put together projects, but how do you know what type of essay will work for your project? Certain types of essays will work on different projects. […]

Mental Health and College

  You’ve done it! The caps have fallen to the ground, and you’re ready to embark on the new journey in your life and education. Your parents tell you that you are stepping into adulthood and the importance of making wise decisions, but all you hear is “wha, wha, wha-wha,” as the adults from the […]

How Classical Music Can help You Study

Classical Music, My Secret Weapon: Beethoven, Bach, and Brain Power   As the single mother of two beautiful, intelligent, extremely active daughters, ages 16 and 6, concentration isn’t something, I have the luxury of. Neither is brain power after getting them both to school, one to and from her part-time job, the other to and […]

SYA Guaranteed Grade

My mother had a saying, “Nothing in life is guaranteed but death. All you can do is have a plan and set a standard on the way there.” When I was a teenager, this was met with rolled eyes (when my back was turned, of course, I knew better lol) and heavy sighs (once I […]