Types of Essays

Throughout our school and professional careers, we will have to write different kinds of papers including essays. We may be given assignments that will require us to research and put together projects, but how do you know what type of essay will work for your project?

Certain types of essays will work on different projects. There are four major types of compositions that can be written. These are narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive essays. Each has a purpose, and it’s necessary to know which one is which.

Narrative essays tell personal stories. They are designed to draw the reader in and take them along. A well-written narrative takes you into account and shares the experience of the writer.

A descriptive essay is very similar to a narrative but relies on the description to evoke a response. A great descriptive writer can paint an incredible picture and create a deep emotional connection with their words. This type of writing can be very beneficial in businesses like advertising.

An expository essay is based on facts and figures. It’s designed to explain a topic with evidence. Facts, data, and statistics are used along with well-written narratives to help educate. You would most likely see this type of essay used in business or in education.

Persuasive essays are a fantastic blend of expository and narrative papers. They use the descriptive power of language alongside supporting facts and figures to persuade the reader to the writer’s point of view. This type of writing is used in many ways including journalists, politicians and other leaders to bring their followers around to their opinion.

Each type of essay can be highly effective in conjunction with speeches, powerpoints, and other presentations. Knowing what you want your essay to do and the results you are expecting will help you pick the right format and provide the best writing for your project.