Why People Use Writing Services and How It Is Legal

Custom essay writing is all of the raves in academia. Many students seek the services of professionals for ideation purposes. Some scholars use custom essay writing to help them improve their overall writing abilities.


For far too long, essay composition companies have been given a bad reputation. Some professors hate the notion of a student being able to “hire someone to do their work.” A few others outside of the academic sphere count students who use custom essay writing services as nothing short of lazy. The experts who “help them cheat” are, according to these critics, enablers. Both professors and outside scrutinizers are wrong.


Why do students use writing services?

Contrary to those who think college is a breeze, there is much to undergraduate life that makes education at this level a balancing act. Some students must figure out how to work full-time jobs while handling household duties and going to school. Homework at times takes a back seat when you are a parent going back to school. Who is going to feed the kids while you plan to write your 10-page term paper?


Most students who seek the services of professional essay writers are not lazy. In fact, scholars who take the extra step to find an expert to help them with their course are proactive in their learning experiences.


Writing is not an easy craft. Some students have “the gift” while others constantly try to figure out the “formula.” There is no one central theory to creativity, which is why the craft of composing an essay or term paper may be more daunting for some than others. Expert writers can help students struggling with the notion of cohesiveness and overall grammar.


Another reason why many students use professional writing services is to get the think tank going. Sometimes writer’s block comes at the worst time. How are you supposed to get through the assignment when you cannot think of a right way to start the paper. A professional essay writing service provides another mind and a fresh pair of eyes that may be just what you need to dive into the project,


But is a professional writing service for essays legal?

Writers who work for essay writing companies are technically Ghostwriters. There is nothing illegal about composing a speech or book for someone who passes it off as their innovativeness in the professional sphere.


Academic writing companies, however, have to take things a step further since it is technically a case of plagiarism when a student takes the work of someone else as their own in the classroom or when doing his homework. A professional writing company serving scholars, then, must explicitly state that papers are only for reference purposes. It is not up to the business to ensure that the student does not cheat, but instead up to the student to let his integrity shine through.


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