Why are your prices expensive compared to some of the competition I have seen? What is included?

  • We do not outsource our employees. All of our writers know English as their first Language.
  • Included in the price of the quote is a quality check, which enables us to check for plagiarism, formatting, and grammar.
  • We will meet every deadline or we beat it.
  • Every writer has been screened prior to working for this company to ensure that they will uphold the standards needed for your assignment to achieve a satisfactory grade.
  • Customer Service is 24/7 via email/text/ or chat.
  • We are a BBB business. We are a trustworthy organization that will ensure your confidentiality and needs are met.

Do I cheat when I use your service?

We provide you with a sample of how your work should be done. Our model work is a great outline and presents a fantastic opportunity to learn from our professional ghostwriter. Our service is your online library tailored to your specific needs; research is not cheating.

Can I just email you my assignment instead of filling out an order form?

Procedures have to be followed to ensure your assignment is delivered back to you in a timely manner. The order form is organized to reiterate any instructions we receive directly from you or the attachments you include with the order. If you email us an assignment without following the order form guidelines we can not guarantee your work will be completed.

How to send writing materials to the writer?

The order form will gather basic info in regards to the assignment. We highly recommended sending all tools needed for the initial order.

How do I Upload my materials in the order form?

You can drag and drop the materials or double-click on the upload box to send the information. Then submit the information to load and to confirm to send. You have to submit the materials in the original order prior to payment or when the order is assigned to your writer.

Will my paper be ready on time?

We are highly committed to providing excellent writing services to ensure all our customers that their order will be delivered within their timeline specified.

How many pages should I choose?

The number of pages depends on how many words per page you may need. A double-spaced page typically has 250-275 words per page. A single-spaced page is around 550 words. Any title or reference page will be added to your order, and they are free.

Do you guarantee that my paper is unique and not plagiarized?

All documents are formatted specifically for our student. We pledge that all writing is original and created from scratch just for you. Plagiarism reports are also provided at an additional cost. We use both Copyscape and Plagium to ensure quality.

Are there any extra fees?

There are no hidden costs. However, if items are added in later, once paper progress has already started, prices may reflect those changes.

Will my professor or teacher know about this?

The information you provide with our services is entirely confidential. All of our staff are required to sign non-disclosure agreements and are not allowed to share any information outside of this company.

*Is this legal?

Yes. We provide a model paper, no questions asked. All of our services are for research purposes only. 

Do you guarantee a letter grade? 

No. However, the more information provided such as a grading rubric and name of University will help with the research. We ensure we will deliver a high-quality paper but strongly encourage the student to edit writing as needed once received

How do I track the status of my order request?

You have the option to request status updates on the order form. In addition to, you can log into your dashboard to check the progress of your order.

How can I get my order?

Once you submit an order, your paper will be uploaded to your dashboard or emailed to you.

How do the revisions work?

If we fail to follow the instruction orders provided directly from the teacher, we will offer free revision on the article. However, if the instructions came directly from the student who may have misinterpreted the professor’s guidelines, that revision will not be free, as we would have to construct a new paper.

What happens if I am unhappy with my final order?

If you are unhappy with your last product, we offer free revisions (with a three-day turnaround time). We will be happy to revise it for you as long as it falls in line with your original instructions. Some restrictions and costs may apply.

What happens if I change my order instructions, after placing an order?

You will have a three-hour window after placing an order to modify instructions unless the order is due in 24 hours or less. Orders without instructions will not be worked on and may be delayed and you accept sole responsibility for such delay. submityourassignments.org guarantees that the delivered Paper will meet only confirmed requirements. You must not change the instructions once you have confirmed them. Any alterations to confirmed instructions are considered as an additional order, thereby requiring additional payment.

I have multiple orders that I need to place. Can I place them all in one large order to avoid making multiple payments?

In the case that you have multiple orders, we strongly advise that they are placed as separate orders with the appropriate number of pages, information regarding the order and the corresponding deadline that the order would need to be completed by. This helps avoid any confusion with the order or the instructions and ensures that the order is completed by your specified deadline.

Should I tip my Writer? 

Tips are not a requirement. The option is there, for you to express to the writer your appreciation for their work along with the option to rate your experience.

What if I order the wrong amount of pages/words?

You may contact our client support team via chat/email or text. We will cancel the incorrect order and process the refund if applicable. Then you or admin will create a new order with the correct information.

Will you have access to my textbook?

In most instances, we are able to locate your textbook within our resource database. If you have an e-book, you will Be able to provide that information to your writer. If you do not have an e-book, and if we cannot locate the book in our database, we can rent you book at a discount rate and send you an invoice.